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About Us

The Philippine Society of Mining Engineers, Inc. (PSEM) is an association for Mining Engineers in the Philippines that expects to give help to their individuals and to advance the welfare of the mining engineers and additionally the general public. The association imagines "a general public of exceedingly regarded, able, and mindful mining engineers in the national and worldwide connection." Their main goal is "to give projects and improve chances to its individuals to work dependably as experts for the advancement of a suitable minerals industry with regards to practical improvement”. The PSEM caters to a little over 3000 registered mining engineers as members distributed in its 10 chapters nationwide. The Philippine Mining Journal is supported by requesting from neighborhood mining organizations. It highlights the most recent news in the Philippine Mining Industry and its positive effect in the monetary advancement of the nation.

Our Commitment to Mining Engineering

Our Mission

To provide programs and enhance opportunities for its members to work responsibly as professionals for the development of a viable minerals industry in the context of sustainable development

Our Vision

A society of highly respected, competent, and responsible mining engineers in the national and global context.


In 1945, mining engineers joined the metallurgical and topographical building callings under a solitary expert affiliation named the Philippine Society of Mining, Metallurgical, and Geological Engineers (PSMMGE). The affiliation built up territorial sections in Baguio, Lepanto, PHILEX, Cebu, Marinduque and Negros Occidental. Quite a long while later, the three callings worked for the authorization of their own administrative laws and in the long run framed their own separate proficient affiliations. The Philippine Society of Mining Engineering (PSEM) was authorized by the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) on April 15, 1983 as the national expert association of mining designers. While an association, the PSEM remains an individual from PSMMGE, now renamed Philippine Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Geological Engineers (PIMMGE).


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